Boulder Valley Diabetics
Support Group

    The Boulder Valley Diabetics (BVDs) Support Group was founded in the summer of 1987 by a small group of individuals in Boulder, Colorado. From the beginning the intention of the group has been to promote high standards in diabetes medical care, and to foster healthy lifestyles for diabetics and their families. The group is a forum in which to share useful medical information and educational resources. In a friendly and compassionate atmosphere, emphasis is also placed on sharing emotional support for coping with the challenges of living with this chronic illness. 


    Members of the group include Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, and their friends and family members (affectionately referred to as "co-diabetics"). Over the years activities of the group have included monthly potluck dinners, hiking expeditions, participation in health fairs and other educational and health-related activities and projects.

Members of the BVDs celebrate a  birthday party together.


BVD member on a hike with the group in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.




For information about upcoming meetings call:

Mary Rose - 303-651-9375 or

Peter Gowan - 303-442-3597